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Link Dump 6/2

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Making a Difference - Chris Paul | SUCCESS Magazine | What Achievers Read
Chris Paul is one of the brightest stars in the National Basketball Association, a must-see player with the New Orleans Hornets whose deft ball skills and eye-popping speed have attracted admirers all over the world. Yet, Paul believes that in his hometown of Winston-Salem, N.C., he is best known as the grandson of the late Nathaniel Jones. "I seriously believe my grandfather’s legend in Winston-Salem is greater than mine will ever be. That’s what kind of man he was."

Can LB Jeremy Thompson compete with first-rounder Clay Matthews? | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
The switch to the 3-4 defense might benefit Jeremy Thompson more than any returning player on the roster. "I like it a lot; right now I love it," Thompson said of the new defense. "It gives me an opportunity to be a lot more free. We have one job. If we’re in coverage, it’s to be in coverage. And if we’re rushing, just come as hard as you can off the edge."

Deacons await Teague's decision
Wake Forest's basketball season doesn't start for more than five months. The next two weeks could determine whether the Demon Deacons compete for the ACC title.

Andy Katz: Coaches need to speak up on NBA's one-and-done rule - ESPN
Andy Katz talks about the 19-year-old age limit and its effect on college basketball.

Rule may spur hasty decisions on NBA draft -

Wake Forest point guard Jeff Teague is taking his time to decide whether he will hire an agent and stay in the NBA draft. Next year, underclassmen will have to make up their minds much quicker.