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Lunchtime Links 4/9

Obviously the big news is Jeff Teague entering his name in the draft. Underclassmen are dropping like flies. We are attending the spring scrimmage today--4:45 at BB&T Field, so we will be reporting from there.

Pittsburgh's DeJuan Blair has declared for the draft, as has James Harden of Arizona State.

Neat profile on sophomore tennis player Emilee Malvehy.

The baseball team fell in a wild game to Coastal Carolina yesterday, 16-13.

Chicago Sun-Times article on female golfer Cheyenne Woods, who is Tiger's niece.

Brett Friedlander says that despite most of their team heading to the pros, UNC is still--well UNC.

Niners Nation asks if Aaron Curry is worth the price.

Some more great pub for Alphonso Smith, this time from the Buffalo Bills main site.

As always link up if you see anything else and feel free to comment on the stories.