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Lunchtime Links 4/6

Happy National Championship/Opening Day! This is one of the best days in all of sports, along with the first day of College Football season, the first day of College Basketball season, the first day of the Masters and NFL Draft day. I hold this as the best day of the sports year though. Agree or disagree?

The biggest news of course is James Johnson's news that he will be entering the draft. I've long said James would be gone after this year as his game is the most polished, he doesn't need to build any more strength on his body and he is older. Best of luck to James, who in stretches could not be stopped and is one of the more enjoyable players I've watched in a Demon Deacon uniform.

On that note, a paragraph from Dan Collins' blog has been making its way around. Is Farouq actually going to stay?

I personally think it's hilarious that the Big East had five teams in the Sweet Sixteen and two in the Final Four and none in the Championship, but that said, the stats still say that the ACC blew it this year, so maybe I should just keep quiet.

The Houston Texas website has Chip Vaughn as the second-best free safety in the draft.

Interesting take on the Chiefs' dilemma about taking the "sure thing" in Aaron Curry or going for another need.

Video Draft Snapshot of cornerback Alphonso Smith.