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Lunchtime Links 4/3

The Final Four is tomorrow. Seems strange, I don't know what happened to the basketball season, but hey, at least I have baseball on Sunday to keep my occupied until College Football. And that little thing called the NFL Draft is coming up...

Make sure to read Mike Jennings' post-season Q&A with Wake Forest Head Coach Dino Gaudio.

Head Coach Jim Grobe is trying to fix something that really hurt the Deacs' last year--refusal to mix up the I and the spread--it was one or the other.

Worth mentioning, but Grandpa Matt Robinson, one of my favorite Demon Deacons, a bright guy who was always awesome to interview, is joining Grobe's coaching staff as a recruiting assistant. Congratulations Matt!

The Richmond Times-Dispatch says that VCU made the right call in bringing in Shaka Smart.

John Feinstein writes the millionth article in existence about hating UNC's Tyler Hansbrough. I can't stand Hansbrough as much as the next guy, but now I more just hate the media around him more than anything else. We get it, Hansbrough's good and people don't like him. This isn't the first time this has ever happened to a player. Get over yourselves writers. Oh yeah and Lawson's fine, so don't bother talking about his toe--he had enough rest while the Heels hot dogged the ACC Tournament and after the season to recover from an MCL strain; I think he can got over turf toe.

Maryland got a commit out of Arizona junior Terrell Stoglin for basketball. Stoglin is not very highly recruited--his other offer according to Rivals was San Diego, and they also say he is a three-star. Scout dubs him a two star, but does not have his interested schools and offers, so I'll go by what Rivals is saying here. FWIW, he averaged 28 points per game last year.

Because who can really get tired of reading about LB Aaron Curry?

Greensboro Mayer Yvonne Johnson is going to coach the ACC-All Stars in their barnstorming tour. The team is the senior classes from UNC, Duke and Wake alum Antawn Scott.