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Aaron Curry's Draft Day Guest

Photo courtesy of St. Jude Hospital

Aaron Curry's actions on the field have been well documented lately, as he shot up the draft boards throughout his senior season and at the NFL combine. 

While his list of accomplishments on the field are numerous, the average football fan is unaware of how great a person AC is off the field as well.  This past Monday, Curry showed the nation what kind of guy he really is when he invited a special guest to accompany him on the biggest day of his life thus far.

Aaron Curry visited St. Jude Children's Hospital on April 13th in hopes of brightening the days of a few patients there.  One particular child caught the attention of Curry, and after spending the day with him and his family, AC decided to make him an offer that he could not refuse - a chance to sit with him in the green room at the NFL draft. 

The patient is 12-year old Bryson Merriweather, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2007after experiencing difficulty breathing during football practice.  The good news is that his cancer is now in remission and if it does relapse (between 30-40% probability), his newborn brother is a genetic match for a possible bone marrow transplant.  He is now strong enough for physical activity and is running track this spring with hopes of playing football again next season. 

In the meantime, he will get to spend a couple days in New York City with the potential number one selection in the NFL draft and be in Curry's presence when the commissioner calls his name.  I have a feeling AC will have some good tips for him in their days together.

When asked about his offer to Bryson, Curry responded,

"I just wanted to do something special for a kid that has been through some major struggles and hard times. I’ve been through hard times, none of which compare to Bryson’s, but we have a common theme, and that is hope."

This is just one of these stories that makes us proud to have Aaron Curry as a part of the Wake Forest family.  He is certainly a great example of what is right in the world of pro sports and will be a tremendous asset to not only the team that drafts him, but the entire community. 

Thank you, AC, for making us proud to be Demon Deacons.