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Lunchtime Links

How's your championship week going? For teams like Creighton and Davidson, not well. For other teams like Northern Iowa, Morehead State, Chattanooga and College of Charleston--very well. If you're George Mason or VCU, well it's business as usual. And for St. Mary's, it's a chance to come back to where you once were before Patty Mills got hurt and a chance to make another statement against Gonzaga in the WCC Finals.

Game recaps:

Dan Collins

Charleston Post and Courier

News and Record, who say that the Deacs "slipped" into the number two seed. I hate to break it to you N&R, but Wake did earn it.

Anderson Independent-Mail News

High Point Enterprise (need a log in)

The Wake soccer team lost to the New England Revolution in an exhibition game.

Here are the ACC Tournament pairings.

Interesting article on how joining the ACC saved Georgia Tech's athletics.

College Hoops Net has a nice recap of the weekend's games--I disagree that Michigan State deserves a one seed. No Chance.

Wake Forest NCAA capsule from College Hoops Net