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Lunchtime Links 3/6

It's refreshing to actually see a team win a bubble game that they needed to win. Props to Cal for going into Zona and beating them and Penn State pulling off the last second W over Illinois. Welcome to the party Bears and Nittany Lions! Onto the links...

CP3 was balling out of control yesterday against the Mavs including continuing his dribble between Jason Terry's legs to dish it out for a jam. Is there anything Paul can't do?

Give it up...for the ladies! The Demon Deacon women won their first ACC Tournament game, taking down NC State. They play Maryland today. It's not going to be easy.

Dino Gaudio is a finalist for the Skip Prosser Man of the Year award.

It's not even a question; the Terps absolutely must beat Virginia on Saturday.

Let's get the Newport News Daily Press' ACC roundup.

Bleacher Report names Duncan the best PF of all time.

Three River Sports has some good things to say about Alphonso Smith, and indicates that Phonso won't slip out of the first round. I certainly hope so--my gut says he's going to the Pats or Ravens.

News 14 Carolina says that the women's ACC Tournament is seeing a good turnout.

I should have posted this yesterday but didn't get around to it, but cagles from has an excellent interview about the feelings of Wake fans.

Lewis Clinch is lighting it up lately.

BB&T Field is continuing its upgrades.