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Lunchtime Links 3/4

That was an incredible win last night. There's something about a road win that you didn't think was going to happen that really perks you up. I dunno, at home you think the team can do anything with the crowd behind them, but road wins--especially in the ACC--are hard to come by. Here are the links.

Game recaps:

Winston-Salem Journal

Washington Times

DC Examiner

AP report

Player Hater's Ball

Baltimore Sun

Annapolis Capital

Diamondback Online

Washington Post

Awful Announcing shows the Teague dunk some love.

Mike Wise of the Washington Post says this coaching job is as good as any Gary Williams has done in his time at Maryland.

It's really amazing that Roy Williams says that Hansbrough isn't getting to the line enough.

Virginia will bring Dave Leitao back.