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Lunchtime Links 3/30

So the Final Four is set. Michigan State, UNC, UConn and 'Nova. It should be a good one; getting Nova and Michigan State in helps the allure (especially with the Spartans playing in Detroit). Here are some links, mostly draft related.

Didn't get this up yesterday, but good article on former Wake Head Coach Jim Caldwell.

The Diamond Deacs won both games of their double-header with Duke yesterday.  Nice to see our guys get a couple ACC wins under their belts.

Not many people do a better job than Brett Friedlander, and here is his take on UNC's win yesterday, as UNC continues to save the ACC in the Tourney.

Add the Cincinnati Bengals onto the list of teams bringing in Aaron Curry to work out.

The Titans might be looking at Alphonso Smith too. I really think Smith's draft stock is improving with every individual workout he does for teams. Clubs will want him playing all-out for them like he did at Wake.

I knew all about Oklahoma Head Coach Jeff Capel and his half-court shot at Duke and all that, but I guess I never knew that he was a Wake Forest ball boy when he was little. Neat article on his past by Lennox.

The Eagles might be taking a closer look at D.J. Boldin

Here is a very nice writeup on future Wake point guard Tony Chennault, as well as a new video.

The Calipari to Kentucky rumor continues to grow.  If he could convince Cousins and Wall to go with him, look out.