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Lunchtime Links 3/27

Another slow link day. The Big East continues to prove me wrong and the ACC has almost finished its crash and burn--only Carolina left now. Congrats to Missouri for moving on to the Elite Eight. Mike Anderson is one heck of a coach and I used to love what his UAB teams were doing a few years ago. That's how I wish Wake played, 40 minutes all-out, with athletes.

Little Tyler is mad from hearing about Lawson's toe so much.

The baseball team, 11-10 (1-8), is clearly struggling, but they head to Duke this weekend, which has not beaten the Deacs since 2004.

Add the Seahawks to the teams in love with Aaron Curry.

Alphonso Smith is the fifth-best DB on McShay's board (ESPN Insider).

JagNation has AC going third to KC and Alphonso going 22nd to the Vikings in their Mock Draft.

Wayne Ellington feels "right at home" since his parents moved to Carolina from Philadelphia. He may come back.

Clemson had just as disappointing a post-season finish as we did, but they still see reason for optimism.

Great recruiting news about 2011's Quincy Miller.  Make sure you read the entire article because they saved the best for last.  Miller will be a top 20 player in the class and would be a huge get.

If you didn't see the short Disco Dan comment about Teague and Aminu, you might want to check that out.


We are excited to have the opportunity to cover Dave Telep's Carolina Challenge tomorrow, which is loaded with several great prospects.  Be sure to come by Sunday for coverage!