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Lunchtime Links 3/26

Light on the links today, seems like a slow news day overall aside from the Kentucky rumors of the Billy Gillispie firing.

For the ladies...Playboy is casting for their "Girls of the ACC." They come to Wake on April 2nd and 3rd.

Ken Tysiac says the Wolfpack are in a spot of trouble with Brandon Costner (and Ferguson) leaving.

The Lions may not go "safe" with their #1 pick.

Todd McShay ranks the OLB prospects as one deep class, with Curry at the top. (ESPN Insider)

Inside Higher Education speaks against "one and done" players.

The Chicago Bears were, in fact, looking at Alphonso Smith during Wake's pro day.

Nice Dave Telep of audio chat about Seth Curry, ACC Recruiting and NC State.

This UConn stuff sure is getting dicey.

A write-up of C.J. Harris, J.T. Terrell and the rest of the AP First Team All-State players.

More Alphonso Smith pub, this from the Dallas Morning News.