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Lunchtime Links 3/20

It's game day.There weren't as many upsets yesterday--the Hilltoppers beat Illinois, but I think everyone had that upset. In my feeling though, I've always felt like Friday is the big upset day. Hopefully the Deacs won't be one of the victims. Enjoy your Tournament Friday.

Shameless promotion, but check out my tournament capsule on Deadspin.

Betting sites are quick to tell you not to sleep on Wake Forest.

March Madness All Season has their Midwest breakdown.

Silly Jay Mariotti. He says Hansbrough haters should get a life. Well Jay, once Cryler is gone, I'm going to have to find someone to channel my anger into--and lord knows you're a good target. Be careful what you wish for.

Sporting News mentions that Cleveland State is a "danger game" for Wake Forest. Of course it is. All games in the NCAA Tournament are danger games.

The Plain Dealer's Joe Maxie has been churning out some good stuff down here in Miami. Here's another story from him. And another.

It's going to be different (not necessarily bad, but different) now that Billy Packer isn't calling games in the tournament. He doesn't miss it.

And don't forget to read Dan Collins' article.

The story about Ish Smith and the campus police officer was one of the better ones during interviews yesterday.

The Dallas Morning News has a good story on Alphonso Smith.

The AJC wonders what we don't know about the ACC Atlantic.