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Lunchtime Links 3/2

It's a thin link day (I'm pretty sure most of North Carolina is shut down because of the snow). Wake Forest's game against Maryland tomorrow will cap off a three game in six day marathon right in the heart of midterms. If they can pull it out tomorrow, that'll make the Clemson game that much bigger and will give them a terrific shot at finishing in the top four. Win out and a Duke loss against UNC and the Deacs could get the second seed. I don't have the best feeling about tomorrow, but Wake has played a lot better lately.

Dan Collins on the Deacs' end to February.

Wake Forest recruit Andre Whitmore will attend Clemson's junior day.

I sometimes get burnt out from driving to away games, but after reading this article on Ben McCauley's family traveling more than 100,000 miles and seeing more than 100 of  his games in his four years at State, well that puts things in perspective a little bit.

Recently at a Wake Forest football dinner, Chris Barclay and Eric King spoke and did a terrific job. Barclay is easily one of the best Deacs ever and the only reason King doesn't get the respect he deserves is because we had the privilege of getting Alphonso Smith right after him. King in his own right was one heck of a DB.

The bottom two slots in the ACC Tournament are set: Georgia Tech at 12 and Virginia at 11.

Brett Hodges has left the Wake Forest football team.

Women's ACC Tournament pairings--the Deacs will play NC State at 3 PM this Thursday. The Deacs lost to State both times this season.