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Lunchtime Links 3/18

As the anticipation builds on NCAA Tournament weekend eve, I sadly report that Chief Kickingstallionsims is no longer in the field of 64.  Morehead State knocked off the Chief's Alabama State team last night to advance to play Louisville.  Without further ado, here are today's links:

First, I had the opportunity to help out the managers of our sister blogs of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins on potential draftee Alphonso Smith.  Special thanks to those guys for allowing me to supply them with information about the Phonz.

The Diamond Deacs ended their losing streak yesterday with a 3-1 decision over Appalachian State.

The Nebraska State Paper breaks down the Midwest Region and is on the Wake beating Louisville bandwagon.

The Cleveland Leader has a nice story on Ohio native Dino Gaudio. picks Cleveland State as a team that could bust your bracket.

The Bleacher Report has another breakdown of the Midwest region as well as a poll that needs to be skewed.

The Morning Journal of Northern Ohio has a good piece about Cleveland State's mission to prove they belong.

President Obama met up with Wake homer Andy Katz to reveal his bracket.

Wake alum Kenny Moore looks like he may get a shot at receiver next year for the Carolina Panthers.  I really hope Kenny can make some noise this year, as he is one of my favorite football Deacs.

Have a good day and stay tuned for the ever important details about Ty Lawson's big toe.