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Lunchtime Links 3/17

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Happy St. Patty's Day. The Deacs are getting reved up for their game Friday and so are Demon Deacon fans who are generally split between excitedly optimistic and cautiously pessimistic, both common reactions to anything Wake Forest related. Onto the links...

Dan Collins' article is a must-read.

Sure, Cleveland State is in, but did you know that Ohio has five teams total in the tourney this year?

The Lorain Morning Journal says the Vikings are riding a wave of emotion coming into their game against the Deacs.

Chris Dufrense of the LA Times picks the Deacs to go to the Final Four.

The Plain Dealer has an interesting breakdown of Friday's matchup. They also had a scouting report about the game yesterday.

Mike DeCourcy always loves the Demon Deacons and this column is no surprise.

MVN ranks Chip Vaughn as the fifth best safety in the draft.

Tom Berry of the High Point Enterprise says learning time is over for Wake Forest. (need to sign up).

Andy Katz gives the Midwest Region's storylines

Another must-read is the Indianapolis Star's profile of Jeff Teague.

.The USA Today picks their first round games in the Midwest and all three writers pick Wake to move on to the field of 32.