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Lunchtime Links 3/13

Wow, what a day of basketball yesterday.  Pitt, UConn, Kansas and Oklahoma all go down, while Clemson completed their end of season choke.  While you are watching the Hokies try to beat the Tar Heels, here are some links for today's stories.

The Charlotte Observer has a great article on James Johnson's special talents.

The Bears' Scout site has a nice piece on Chip Vaughn's rising stock.

WXII has the scoop on the presence of Dino the Dinosaur in the student section.

Dan Collins' preview article for today's Wake vs. Maryland game includes Greivis Vasquez talking smack about Wake.

The Bleacher Report writes about the 5 things Maryland needs to do in order to beat Wake.

Another Maryland v. Wake preview

The News and Tribune has a nice piece on Wake assistant coach Walt Corbean.


Enjoy Quarterfinal Friday and Go Deacs!