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Lunchtime Links 3/11

So Cleveland State beat Butler. That means another bid is stolen from one of the big boys. Usually every year you have too many teams fighting to get in and this year it doesn't seem like there are enough teams that deserve to be in. Any other year we wouldn't even be talking about South Carolina, Arizona, Providence, Penn State et al being in the NCAAs. Their body of work is that bad.

Absolute must-read interview with Rodney Rodgers in the News and Observer

Dan Collins says the Deacs have grown and matured.

Pat Forde says that Al-Farouq Aminu was the Freshman of the Year. In the whole country, not just the ACC. Funny, he didn't even win ACC Player of the Year--looks like someone has extra incentive to prove ACC country wrong.

And there's no question that this year's All-ACC picks were a point of contention.

StateFansNation gives each team's "realistic" chance at winning the ACC Tournament.

Dino Gaudio says that the ACC Tournament is where "great players and great teams are made."

Clemson backed their way into the five seed in the ACC Tournament, losing five of their last nine games, but they are a dangerous team.

After last year's horrible tornado in Atlanta which hit the Georgia Dome during the SEC Tournament, the question has to be asked: is the ACC ready for a tornado this year?