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Evening Link Dump 2/9

Silly A-Rod. Props to admitting to it and not just pulling the "well I did it once" response. Although the "I don't know what I used" is a joke. Tomato, tomatoe though. I wish he would have also said he was sorry for fooling around with Madonna. That's worse in my opinion.

On to the links! The Deacs dropped to 7th/8th in the polls, not at all bad considering the blowout against Miami. All the other teams losing seemed to help and the win against BC showed they still can do it.

Game recaps:

Lenox Rawlings

Wilmington Star-News

Charlotte Observer

Dan Collins

Gaston Gazette

Boston Globe

The women's team beat Clemson yesterday to go to 4-4 in conference.

The Rocky Mount Telegram says that each of the teams in the Big Four need work.

The Star-News gave out midseason awards.

Duke Basketball Report has an ACC roundup.

Also, it's important to give a shoutout to Bill Haas and Webb Simpson who kept rolling. Haas finished tied for 11th and Simpson tied for 19th in the Buick Invitational over the weekend. They just keep playing well and it is really fun to watch.

Bracketology has us back at a #2 seed

Jay Bilas says elbows are flying out of control while Andy Katz is saying that Missouri could win the Big 12.

DeCoucy ranks us fourth in his top ten based on achievement, not momentum.