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Dirty Dozen Coaches

Rather than simply saying "Who are the best coaches in college basketball?" I am going to divide this into Best, Overrated and Best Young coaches.


1. Bo Ryan - There's no one I'd rather have coaching my team in a big game than Bo Ryan. Year in, year out, he gets more out of his talent than any coach in the country.

2. Rick Pitino - His style regarding shooting threes has changed the game. His teams always play hard. Most importantly his teams seem to peak at the right time each season.

3. Ben Howland - All he does is win and win big. He gets to the Final Four. His teams are among the most prepared in the country. His players buy into to his system and execute it well.

4. Mike Montgomery - What he did at Stanford prior to his failed NBA jaunt was nothing short of miraculous. It seems like he is doing the same thing at Cal.


1. Roy Williams - With the talent he has had at KU and UNC, he should have won several more NCAA titles.

2. Mike Brey - Every year ND is supposed to be the hot team. Every year they disappoint.

3. Jim Boehiem - One of the Top 6 recruiters of all time but a mediocre game coach. He gets great talent and plays the softest schedules of any major school.

4. Paul Hewitt -His star has waned. He isn't very good.


1. Sean Miller - He's a great coach. He gets everything out of his talent. He'll be in a major conference for a very long time.

2. Scott Drew- What he's done at Baylor is nothing short of a miracle. He's destined for a much bigger job.

3. Anthony Grant - He's done very well at VCU. Let's see if he can do it on top.

4. Jeff Capel - He's brought OU back to the top. It looks like he'll keep them there.


Wright at Nova and Painter at Purdue are close to being on the lists.