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Wake Forest @ Virginia Gamethread

Greetings from John Paul Jones Arena. This place sure is nice. I've had a nice solo outing in Charlottesville walking the campus and the downtown mall yesterday I took in some live music at the Blue Moon Diner last night and saw some Matisse and Picasso at the UVa art museum this morning, but I'm ready for some basketball.

Wake should win this game. That's a loaded statement, as the games they should win they have had trouble actually winning. Plus they haven't won a road game since beating Clemson on January 17. One thing to watch is the continued break out play of James Johnson who has put together one of the best three game stretches of any player in the ACC averaging 26 points and 13.3 rebounds.

So if you're watching the game from home, stop by and chat. I'll be by at halftime for some notes and stats.