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Lunchtime Links 2/26

The Deacs are gunning for revenge against NC State today, and to be honest, I think they're going to get it in droves. I think we'll see the good Wake Forest today.

Game previews:

Dan Collins on junk defenses.

News and Observer

The Spread



Scheyer in at the point seems to be paying off for Duke, who won at Maryland last night.

Clemson's loss opens the door for the Deacs to move up to a tie for third if they win tonight.

An NBA scout breaks down the prospects; on James Johnson: "I love him, but I don't know if he plays hard every night. He's a sneaky athlete. He has that big body, a good mind, a great passer who can put it on the floor, step out and shoot it. He's physical enough that he can pound it inside if he wants to." Sounds like how I feel about him too.

Good article on the ACC's need to sell tournament tickets to the public for the first time in 43 years.

Ten questions with Wake Forest freshman shortstop Shane Kroker.