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Lunchtime Links 2/25

 It was good to see Alphonso do pretty well. He was just being himself in the combine interviews, so for anyone who is put off or surprised about it, well he's always like that. Blogger So Dear is making it's first recruiting trip tonight as we are going to see CJ Harris's Mount Tabor team take on Vance. It should be a good time and we should have some nice notes for everyone after the game. Here are the links for today.

Good little recap of where the team stands after Duke in the Burlington Times News.

Fanhouse "ranks the rankings" and the Deacs are slipping rightfully because of their streaky nature. It allows me to stress agains just how important winning these two games this week really is to gain some sort of stability.

Since it's the hot topic, Brett Friedlander of the Wilmington Star-News talks about Elliot Williams. He's played well, but I'm just wondering if everyone is going to be ranting and raving when the kid has a rough game--he is a freshman and has only made three starts. It will happen.

ACC Sports Journal anoints Toney Douglas as the most recent ACC Player of the Day Year.

Could the Dolphins be in the running to draft Alphonso Smith?

It is looking more and more like AC is climbing the draft charts even more, and he may even go first.

The men's baseball team moved to 5-0 on the season. I know it's cold out there guys, but to put things in perspective, this team struggled mightily in non-conference last year and were giving up a ton of runs and so far the opposite is true and they're playing in a beautiful ballpark. Get out and see the Diamond Deacs.

Alphonso and Chip Vaughn are both Risers in the combine.

Maryland's fans are at it again before the Duke game.