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Lunchtime Links 2/23

I still haven't eaten lunch yet, but here are the links regardless, most of which are game recaps. I'm still shaken up by the game--shot 60+ percent and lost. That's what you get when you turn it over when you are inbounding it and can't hold onto the basketball on your end of the floor I guess.

Valiant comeback, but they really should not have put themselves into that deep of a hole. Not to mention on the night where Gerald Henderson played his best game as a Blue Devil. The loss stings, but this one doesn't hurt nearly as bad as say Miami, GT or NC State did. This one didn't make me wonder about the quality of the team.

Ken Tysiac on the new Duke jerseys.

Duke Chronicle

Dan Collins

Lenox Rawlings

Mark Schlabach on Duke's lineup change--Scheyer at the point and Williams in at SG.

850 The Buzz

News & Observer

News & Record

Duke Basketball Report

Charlotte Observer on how Coach K was able to fire up his team.

Look for some profiles on Wake's NFL draft prospects in the next few days and as always feel free to add yourself or let me know of any great stories worth mentioning.