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Lunchtime Links 2/20

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Hey everyone. Today is one of those days I wished I had the NFL Network; I wouldn't leave the house. Keep an eye on the site for some recruiting news in the next couple days--there could be some big stuff on the horizon. There are a lot of random links today, but some good stuff nontheless.

Wake might be catching Virginia at a bad time next week. They're starting to get hot.

Here's a funny article in the Wilmington Star-News about aw shucks Roy Williams dropping an F bomb after the NC State game in regards to his teams defense.

Cool piece about BYU sophomore Michael Loyd Jr. It is a really interesting read and a well-written article about the difficulties and advantages of redshirting.

The Orlando Sentinel talks about the decline of African-American caddies in golf. Another good read for your Friday afternoon.

If you're in Winston-Salem, throw a jacket on and go watch the Deacs open their baseball season at Wake Forest Baseball Park.

USA Today has an article today about teams using Zombie Nation; Wake was one of the first teams to use the song, but I wasn't aware that Marquette was the first.

The Orlando Sentinel breaks down the ACC Player of the Year candidates.

Could Elliot Williams being slotted into the starting lineup be the adjustment that Coach K needed to make?

The Boston Herald makes the case that Alphonso Smith might be the Patriots first round pick. If he doesn't go there, I don't see the Ravens passing him up at 26.

As always, feel free to comment or add to the links. Have a great Friday.