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Lunchtime Links 2/19

RPhilpott mentioned that calling something morning links when more often than not they come up at lunchtime was a bit wrong, so we're going to try the "lunchtime" label. And seeing as I eat anywhere between 10 and 3, and that's when the links tend to come up--it makes sense. Great win last night by the Deacs.

Game recaps:

Dan Collins

Lenox Rawlings

AJC (AP report though...kinda disappointing they didn't send someone)

Since talking about Duke's struggles is trendy now, here's more about them.

ACC Sports around the league.

Very good piece on Clemson G Tanner Smith and his work with cancer through his Tanner's Totes. I remember reading about this last year, but must not have put two and two together that this was the same player. Smith's quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the ACC to watch. He's really active on defense and does the little things well--a nice glue guy.

Preview of the baseball team's first tournament on February 20. Go out and support the team at the new Wake Forest Baseball Park.

Upstate Today asks, Is Clemson's ranking justified?

Nice little breakdown about the combine by Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Gotta give my hometown paper a little love here and there, especially when they talk about AC.

Great feature on ESPN the Magazine online about Curry. Must read.

As always, let me know if there are any other links that should be highlighted, or post them as a FanShot.