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Afternoon Link Dump 2/12

Happy Thursday everyone. I'm still reeling from the loss. The drive back after road losses is really no fun, especially when it starts pouring the second you walk out of the arena. That said, here are the links.

The ACC released its football schedule today.

Game recaps:

Charlotte Observer

Dan Collins

More from A.J. Carr of the Observer

Carlton Tudor

NC State Technician (why not, if I don't show student papers love, who will?)

News and Record

850 The Buzz

State Fans Nation

Deacons Illustrated

Hoops Report talks about who's in position to dance (as of Wednesday).

Bob Sutton talks about UNC being on a roll.

Joe Lunardi argues the ACC/Big East (Insider)

Here's a couple mentions about our next opponent, FSU, who is ranked for the first time in over 11 years:

Orlando Sentinel

Athlon Sports

Greenville Online talks about Clemson's favorable schedule.

Mel Kiper discusses the Big Four draft prospects.

Ernie Shore Field is now officially Wake Forest Baseball Park