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Morning Link Dump 2/11

So the big game is today--oh you were thinking UNC-Duke, pssh, that game's so 90s--I was talking about the USA-Mexico qualifier. Ok, that's a lie too, but there is a Wake Forest basketball game today, although if you watch tv, you really wouldn't know it.

I'm repeating this for effect. The ad wizzards that are the ACC Office decided that Wake Forest's two big rivalries (the teams they would play twice in a season) were Georgia Tech and NC State. And, the two ACC games that aren't on tv this year are...a game against "rival" Georgia Tech and a game against NC State. So, if these rivalries are so fierce, why isn't the game on? Look, I get it, the UNC-Duke game is a "big deal," but show some love to the rest of the Big Four, please. Enough soapboxing, link time!

Hey, why not a college paper link--here you go Technician.

It's gameday, so that means a Dan Collins link.

The Observer has a nice little run-down.

Stat Sheet always has good game previews.

WRAL has a nice preview too.

Coach Odom has some thoughts on the Big Four rivalries.

News and Observer has some good info on the rivalry and the game tonight.

Jacob Osterhout of says the UNC-Duke games are a bit overhyped.

Andy Katz has a nice article about Clemson before their game last night (they beat BC in a good game). He says they could win the league. If things shake out the right way, that last game against Clemson at the Joel is going to be huge.

The Triangle Business Journal took a poll and thinks UNC finishes first, then Duke, then Wake Forest. No shocker there.

There's a little bickering going on about Sidney Lowe. Andrew Jones at Buster Sports is ready to kick Sid to the curb, while The Long and Short of Sports disagrees. Packfight!

A student from Maryland over at the National Football Post calls the Deacs recent recruiting class a loser. I respectfully disagree. Saying the "jury is still out" is a copout; this on paper is the best recruiting class Wake Forest has ever had, so if Grobe even has the typical success in fostering his talent as he usually does, this would make this draft class as good or better than any other. People still just don't get it when it comes to Wake recruiting.

The Kansas City Star says that the Chiefs will draft Aaron Curry. I hope not. I'm hedging all my bets that the Browns will get him. Please.

It's over on a FanShot, but great job by the Jags blog on scouting Alphonso Smith.

The Observer weighs in on Tabb.

It's so hard not to write about Webb Simpson all the time, but he's playing at the ProAm this weekend and he's paired with Peyton Manning. Pretty sweet deal. He's a little excited about it too.

Finally, JT Terrell's high school team clinched the Mid-State 2-A Conference Title.