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That game is on today.

If you guys didn't know, the Super Bowl is today. The Steelers--my least favorite team in the universe--are playing the Arizona Brenda Warners.

Storylines include:

Who's hair is longer and has more undiscovered species in it: Larry Fitzgerald or Troy Paulauaualauamalu?

Will Ben Roethlisberger play the game without a helmet on then after he gets hurt refuse to do any work for the awareness of wearing a helmet?

Is Edgerrin James in fact playing with a vengeance like Lil Wayne said he was?

How many times will we hear about how Ken Whisenhunt used to be a coach on the Steelers? (Also for bonus: over/under on the 'genius' of Dick Juron)

Will this game even be able to hold a candle to the Puppy Bowl?

How underrated really is Hines Tomato Ketchup Ward? Really? Oh and did you know he's a good blocker?

All this and the anticipation of commercials that won't even be that good!

Post your predictions and/or comments below.

I hope the Steelers lose by 500 points.