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Inside The Stats: Wake Forest

We are using KenPom here with our stats, so here goes.

Wake moved up to 64th after the win over the Zags. Gonzaga is right below the Deacs at 65.

William and Mary is sitting at 73 after their win over VCU (63) on Saturday.

Wake is 5th in defensive effective FG%, 28th in offensive rebounding%, 14th in 3pt defense, 47th in 2pt defense, 32nd in block%, 118th in offensive efficiency, 73rd in tempo, 180th in turnover%, 209th in FT%, 67th in A/FGM

Obviously there are some holes offensively. The FT percentage is atrocious (69.7), especially considering that it is very inflated with C.J.'s good FT%. With turnovers we are really middle of the pack, but you always want to see that improve. And 67th in A/FGM is nice--it means we are distributing the ball well and getting good looks.

The defense is definitely a strength thus far. It is also good to see that we are rebounding the ball well.

Wake's win over Gonzaga was really important. It established a strong RPI win over a good opponent and we will get their wins over Wisconsin (38) and Cincinnati (32) factored in. As always, we'll be keeping an eye on KenPom throughout the year.