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Deacon Dump 12/28: Back to business

Hello again everyone. I hope you all had a great Holiday--I know I did. It was nice to get a little time off and get refreshed, although all that food wasn't exactly great for me. Hopefully the Deacs are refreshed too as they take on UNC-G tonight and then move into a tough two game stretch against non-con foes Xavier and Richmond. Without further adieu, here are today's links.

Wake Forest standout vows to find right pace | Burlington Times News
"I’m playing too fast," he said. "Over the (holiday) break, I’m going to work on slowing down." Apparently, Aminu has been listening to his coach. Dino Gaudio had a brief heart-to-heart with the standout player.

Poetic Leonard anything but prose on the court - Sports -
Leonard, a 6-foot-5, 182-pound guard, is among the most recruited high school juniors in the country because of a pure shooting stroke that has extensive range and is equally dangerous off the dribble and pass. "He's probably the only kid I've ever coached that every time he shoots I think it's going in. He's that good of a shooter," J.L. Mann's 12-year coach Jeff Craft said. "He probably doesn't shoot it enough. I have to try to stay on him to get his shot. He's not worried about how many he's scoring, he's worried about us trying to win."

High School Sports - Merrimack Valley and Southern NH
7. I have to be honest, after watching Carson Desrosiers run the floor in Vegas this summer and dominate on a team of Cadillacs in a tournament laden with Lexuses, it’s tough to appreciate him playing the role of facilitator as teams surround him with four bodies. That said, you got the immediate impression that he and the Raiders are more than comfortable letting Jimmy Zenevitch punish the opposition for focussing all that attention on the big fella.

Unbeaten Enloe tops Gibbons - High school -
Blakney scored 15 points and had 10 rebounds for the winners. Rich scored 10, and Wake Forest recruit Melvin Tabb added eight.

Meyer: 'I have to focus on my health' | The Gainesville Sun
In the summer of 2007, reality hit when Wake Forest basketball coach Skip Prosser died of a heart attack. "After he went down, it really hit me," he said. "It got worse. I kept going in for tests and they said my heart was fine. But the pains kept coming.