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Deacon Dump 12/14: Mount Ari Rise Up

It was a nice treat being able to listen to Stan during the Deacs game yesterday. Gametracker just doesn't do it for me (plus it's behind a lot of the time). As expected, Wake came through, but surprising was just how well Gary Clark played. We're still getting great games out of Ari Stewart and CJ Harris, but seeing G$ come in and hit all six of his shots gives me hope that we can have another contributer off the bench who can hit shots. I'm feeling a bad case of the Mondays coming on, but I'll do my best to get some content out today. If not, I'll pester Jake to pick up the slack.

The ACC has the nation's best soccer - Soccer -
In an era when the ACC’s fall season is dampened by the conference’s increasingly annual failure to produce a national-title contender in football, and no ACC volleyball team has ever made that sport’s final four, ACC soccer has produced title contenders and trophies with startling regularity.

Who Should Philly Taken With First Pick? | WVHooligan - Soccer Blog
Ike Opera (Wake Forest): Lots of folks have him as the top choice and as we’ve seen in years past the leading guy going into the draft to be the top pick isn’t always the case (2008 most expect Patrick Nyarko to be number one, he wasn’t). While Union does have a solid set of defenders already grabbing Opera wouldn’t be a dumb pick at all, it would set their defense up for a few years to come as Opera is an instant starter in my mind on day one.

Former Wake Forest Star Curry Injured Against Texans - WSOC Charlotte

Zags 'deserved' loss | | Dec 13, 2009
It was heart-wrenching to watch as our Gonzaga player assaulted a defenseless Wake Forest student with a purposeful right forearm to the student’s neck. Upon flooring the Wake Forest player, our student simply walked over the top of him and did not bother to acknowledge what he had done, offer an apology or assistance in helping the injured player get to his feet.Following the incident, I turned the channel on my TV, and was happy to later find out that Gonzaga had lost the game. This was a well-deserved loss that I expect Gonzaga will always remember.

With more minutes, Teague ‘more comfortable'  |
Before, Teague said, "I just wanted to make sure I didn't turn it over and do anything wrong. Now I think I'm more comfortable. I try to play my game and I think that's what they want me to do." In the Hawks' past three games, Teague has played more than 20 minutes in each and has scored an aggregate 31 points to go with 18 assists against five turnovers. Against New Jersey, he showed off a little of everything with a 3-pointer, a floater for a basket and a steal that led to a vicious throwdown dunk in the third quarter. "I haven't dunked in awhile," Teague said. "I tried to throw it down as hard as I could."

Splat: Elon men run out of gas as Wake Forest races to blowout victory - Burlington Times News
"I told our team at halftime this could be a five-, six-, seven-point game if we just make a few open shots. So I felt like we were right there at halftime. We were right there and Wake Forest got a lot better."

Surging Ahead: Deacons flatten Phoenix
During his last two games Stewart, a freshman from Marietta, Ga., has scored 33 points in 33 minutes. Gaudio said the Stewart's time will increase as his defense improves. "I tell those guys I don't want them looking over their shoulder," Gaudio said. "If they're open, go ahead and shoot the basketball. He's very confident right now where he is and I'm happy with that. "And as long as he gets his defense better, he's going to play a lot of minutes for us. You can't get 12 and your guy gets 14. That's minus two. But he's getting there." National Hoops Festival Rundown
Kendall Marshall vs. J.T. Terrell: O’Connell won by 6 in overtime and it wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing game. However, it did have a tinge of drama. Down with 1 second left Terrell dropped a 3-pointer with Marshall draped all over him. Terrell would finish with 27 points (8-23 FG, 3-13 3s). As much as Terrell struggled with Marshall chasing him, Marshall had his own off night on offense. He scored 2 points (1-9 FG) but had 7 assists. The two are polar opposite players. Terrell is the marksman with a scorer’s DNA. He’s had enormous scoring nights in Charlotte and 27 is a big number but the defense tonight was chased him all over the floor and contested his shots, forcing him into tough pulls. His elbow mid-range game was outstanding as he shot 3-5 from that area of the court. Marshall doesn’t have a big man and lacks outlets for his passes. He’s not a scorer, he’s a facilitator. We’ve said it before, with weapons around Marshall there is not be a better distributor.

Deacs' soccer team contemplates season
"I just look back at this team and what was lost over the last two years in terms of quality players, and for these young men, I thought we played very good soccer, so I'm just proud of them," Vidovich said. "Like Corben Bone always says, the names change at Wake, but the game remains the same."