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Around the ACC: 11.23.09

First off, in non-ACC news, congrats to Tom Izzo for tying the Michigan State record for wins. The guy is a heck of a coach and his team is a buzz saw this year. The ACC had a pretty good day yesterday after a rough Saturday. This is still a really deep conference and is definitely far and above the SEC, Pac 10 and Big 12 outside of Kansas.

Georgia Tech 85, Boston Unversity 67
This game was tied at halftime, but Zach Peacock absolutely dominated, going 10-11 for 22 points. Blogger So Dear has been a fan of Peacock for awhile and we really like his athleticism. If Georgia Tech is going to have success this year, he is going to be a vital part for when Lawal gets doubled and Favors has his freshman bumps. The Yellow Jackets also got a strong performance from Mfon Udofia, who added 15. BU's leading scorer was John Holland with 23 and 5 rebounds. Favors had 14 and 10 and Gani Lawal tossed in 17 himself. Between the, Peacock, Udofia, Favors and Lawal had 68 of Tech's 85 points.

Miami 85, South Carolina 70

Miami hasn't played the cream of the crop so far, so their 5-0 start might be a bit misleading, but with wins against Tulane, UNC-W and South Carolina, the wins are at least a little significant and a good indicator of what Miami's team will be made up of. And it is safe to say that the Hurricanes will be very dangerous this year. Dwayne Collins is averaging just under 10 rebounds per game, and he looks to be a real catalyst. Collins had 17 and 15 in the win, and James Dews tossed in 22 on 8-11 shooting that included 3-3 from deep. The Gamecocks were down just 3 at the half, but Miami pulled away in the second half.

NC State 60, Auburn 58
State is going to have ups and downs this year, but close wins like this really help a team grow quickly. And this was a spectacular way to do it, as Tracy Smith hit a shot with 1.3 seconds to play to win the game. Smith was just 4 for 18, but one of those 4 was the biggest shot of the game. State was 4-0 in the Glen Wilkes Classic, with wins over Georgia State, Akron, Austin Peay as well as Auburn. Senior Dennis Horner chipped in 16 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists in the victory.