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Q&A with Block-C

We had a lot of fun talking with the Clemson blog Block-C this week and thanks to Willy for asking us good questions and for playing along on what weren't exactly our best questions in the world.

1.) I thought Willy Korn on the Cob was the future! But truthfully, how do you guys think Parker has performed this year? From what I've seen of you guys, he has been shaky at best.

Ehhh, I mean, I've heard some bad Korn jokes. Just wow. You guys are supposed to be creative up there at that liberal arts college right? Parker has performed decent at times and he has shown flashes of slightly better than average, which should help set the undertones of another typical Clemson season. Truth is, he's mostly a baseball player that we handed the reins of our offense over to a redshirt freshman. As a result, he throws the ball so damned hard that it's nearly impossible to catch the thing given the talent we have at wide receiver.

2.) Was it smart for Spiller to come back another year?

At this point, no not really. He has seen some dings and a big injury would mean that there really isn't a god in this world. He still has a chance to break some big school and ACC records though. I can't tell you off hand what they are, but they're bigguns. He's a man of his word and he promised his mom that he'd get a degree and probably did the right thing by sticking around and building a back up plan in case his plans for the NFL take a horrible sharp left turn into an embankment.

3.) Have you guys come up with any good nicknames for Dabo?

Stop it. Just stop it. This won't end well for either of us.

4.) I had a good time at one of the bars the last time I was there (can't remember the name unfortunately), but what is the best place to drown out your sorrows after a bad loss?

Clemson fans generally stick to the tailgates on game days and only hit downtown for souvenirs and shirts. I know that's not the case for some, but it is for the majority. After a loss people generally just pack shit up and head out of town because there's just too much frustration and tension in the air. Well, at least recently that's how it has been.

I will tell you that the Esso Club is an absolute must before the game. It's not located downtown, but rather off highway 93. Another great bar to check out that is located downtown is Tiger Town Tavern (TTT's). Great drink prices and great burgers. Also make sure you pick up a pitcher of Long Island there. Very cheap, very strong.

5.) How do you plan on attacking Wake's offense?

For some reason in my head, I've taken the impression that we've been sliced and diced by passing attacks all year. Then you look at the numbers, and we're actually very good at defending the pass. ( We're holding teams to an average of 158 yards per game.

So what I'd do is let defense do what they do and try to get as much pressure on Skinner as possible. If we make the Wake Forest equipment managers break out the Oxy Clean to warsh (yes warsh) Riley's jersey then we did well, regardless of sack count. We know you're not going to be able to rush very well against us so we should pin the ears back and come in screaming.

6.) Why is Clemson such a bipolar team?

Cause we don't like to take our meds. The pills make our stomach queasy and it makes us feel jittery sometimes. Plus have you seen us when we take our meds? I mean, we're assholes.

7.) How important is this game to your season?

Well, what do you think? We're one game under .500 and the natives are restless and calling for Dabo's head. I'd say it's pretty damned important we pick up the W this weekend.