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Deacon Dump 10/1: Explaining the Deacon offense

Lots of links regarding the State game Saturday naturally. It seems like the big focus right now is the matchup between the Deacs'and the Wolfpack's respective offensive styles. Makes sense. But one of the two teams is going to do one or both of two things: execute, or step up defensively.

Demon Deacons receiver aims for redemption | receiver, aims, redemption - Sports - Burlington Times News
"Maybe having a drop in the second quarter, that’s detrimental, too," he said. "But you have a chance to make it up. After that play (on the last series), that was the game." Williams was devastated by the incompletion. Instead of returning to Winston-Salem with the team as he had planned, he went home to Durham and agonized about the play. "I got some home loving before I went back to campus," he said.

Wake Forest, Still What She Used To Be | Wolfpack Sports
See, there I go again. Jim Grobe finds a way, no matter how confusing or unfamiliar. (Besides, the football gods will grant Wake Forest five takeaways per game from here on. They regret the oversight, coach.)

Observations from the 50-yard Line: Wake Forest to challenge Pack's secondary
"One thing that Wake Forest does is they're very innovative in how they do things," O'Brien said. "They're very good at exploiting weaknesses."

ACC/SEC Rankings | GoGamecocks
21. Wake Forest 26 18 Very close to being 4-0 but somehow being 2-2 seems about right for the Deacons.

College-Football Notebook: Deacons Harris, Ford will not play Saturday
It's time, receiver Marshall Williams said, for the Deacons to convert their offensive efficiency into points. "We can go out there and put up a thousand yards, but if we don't have anything on the scoreboard to show for it, it's pointless,'' Williams said. "Moving the ball is fine, but scoring the ball is most important. "We obviously can move the ball, which is indicated by the total offense that we have. But it's our responsibility to put it in the end zone. And I feel like until we do that we can't be considered a great offense yet.''

Not a complete prediction " Cardiac Pack
Wake Forest has the No. 1 offense in the ACC, averaging more than 400 yards per game. And it’s not that 400+ yards a game is all that impressive, it’s the way Wake Forest gets those yards. All the reverses and speed sweeps and reverse passes make the Deacons offense tough to prepare for. The Wolfpack will have to play very disciplined and not give up big plays. As of this morning I think that’s one of the major keys to the game.

SN's college basketball Top 50 has people talking - Mike DeCourcy and Jeff D’Alessio - College Basketball - Sporting News
18. Wake Forest Virginia radio analyst Cory Alexander says: "Too low. College coaches don't do well coaching NBA players, and that's what Dino Gaudio had to do last year. Wake will use addition by subtraction to its benefit this year as they go on to win the ACC."

The country's top frontcourts in 2009-10 - CBK News - FOX Sports on MSN
15. Wake Forest Frontcourt: Al Farouq Aminu, Tony Woods, Chas McFarland, Ty Walker, Ari Stewart Analysis: Aminu will have a chance to be a star at the college level, McFarland is a 7-footer who has plenty of experience and Woods should get more minutes this season.