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Updated Wake Forest vs Georgia Tech Matchups


Wake Forest

Georgia Tech

Late Game Clutch Inbounding



Last Second Shots From the Top of the Key



Late Game Clutch Inbounding: Wake Forest seems to have trouble in this category. When there isn't an obvious option to pass to, Wake tends to throw the ball at people's feet rather than use their last time out to get a better situation. Georgia Tech, on the other hand, has been able to inbound the ball with little trouble, though they tend to do that on their half of the court with less pressure.

Last Second Shots From the Top of the Key: This one I have to go with Georgia Tech. They have Shumpert, who is able to elevate over smaller defenders and hit the bottom of the net with time running down. Wake really hasn't had the opportunity to try this and it could be because of the edge to GT in the "Late Game Clutch Inbounding" category. Therefore with no data to prove that the Deacs can do it, the edge goes to Georgia Tech.

Well that is how it finished up; Wake had an opportunity with 7 seconds left in a tie game to go for the victory, but were unable to get the ball in cleanly. That gave Georgia Tech the exact same amount of time and Shumpert put the dagger in the Deacons' hearts.

Georgia Tech was able to keep this game close and that was all that they needed to pick up their first ACC win. Next up for the Deacons are the Miami Hurricanes in Coral Gables. Now it's time to see how the Deacons will respond to a loss without have a huge pump up game against the number one team in the country.

At this point it seems like the Deacons are playing to the level of the competition, even letting Radford stick with them for 3/4 of the game. Can the Deacons maximize their talent on the road against a middle of the pack ACC team and get back on track? We will find out in four days.