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Wake Forest is a very special school. For such a small, tight-knit place, there have been some big-time Demon Deacons thoughout the years. From Arnold Palmer to Chris Paul, the school churns out athletes who are not only talented, but represent the school well.


This site is inspired by a need that I have always felt has not been addressed: the need for more commentary and analysis. Demon Deacon fans are just as devoted and obsessed as bigger programs, but there never seems to be enough outlets and places to find Wake news. I know I devour as much news as I can on the Deacs, but I just never seem to feel like there is as much about Wake Forest as there is about other programs. I'm not so dense or arrogant to think or hope that this will be THE place to find Wake news, but I do hope that this can be another source and another voice for Demon Deacon fans.


So, welcome to Blogger So Dear. I want this to be a very inviting and open blog, so feel free to comment and post, as well as leave suggestions for me. The first few days are a test, but with input and some trial and error, I think this can be a great Wake Forest community.