Let's Play a Game: Find Your New Coach!

Nostradamus Rule: All legends are 100% accurate. All rumors are entirely factual. All prophecies will come true, and not just someday but almost immediately. - The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches, Rule 27 (emphasis mine)

So, I was in line at Ace Hardware running errands during lunch today, and the lady in front of me said in no uncertain terms that she was BFF with a big-time booster, and that she had it on good information that Bzdelik is only still around because he's Wellman's friend, that Bzdelik would be fired after the season, and that Wellman would be given a chance to clean up his mess. Since all these things must now come true...

Hooray! No more Bzdelik! But now we need a new coach. A better coach. A coach who has what it takes to return Wake to prominence, nay, lead Wake to unparalleled heights and multiple national championships.

Now all we have to do is find the guy (or girl).

And that's where you come in, valuable BSD commentariat. What I want from you is your own personal list of coaches that we should look at in the comments. But... there's a catch.

I want you to pick coaches from several different categories to complete your list. Specifically:

1) Five "dream list" coaches that can be anyone, anywhere. No restrictions on this category. If you want Kevin Bacon to be our coach because you liked "The Air Up There" growing up, then you can pick him.

2) Two " disgruntled high major" coaches. These are coaches in the AAC, ACC, A10, Big East, B10, B12, MVC, MWC, P12, or SEC, with the caveat that their current conference record must be under .500.

2) Four "mid-major" coaches. These coaches have to be current college basketball head coaches, with some rules. You cannot choose coaches that are currently in the AAC, ACC, A10, Big East, B10, B12, MVC, MWC, P12, or SEC. Second, you can't pick Gonzaga coach Mark Few. Other than that, anyone is fair game.

3) Three "wild card" choices. This category applies to people who have basketball coaching experience but are not currently a head coach of an NBA or NCAA men's basketball team. This covers high profile assistants, unemployed former coaches, or women's basketball coaches.


You can provide explanations if you're so inclined, but you don't have to. And I don't want any arguments about who people chose (and that means that I won't argue either): I want to see who you lot come up with/want as our next coach. Also, if you wouldn't mind, indicate the current position for your selection so the rest of us know who you're talking about.

Things to keep in mind: age, experience, track record of success, ties to the area, likelihood that the coach will leave for a better position if things go well

Just for the record, here's my list.

Dream List

1) Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs head coach)

2) Mark Few (Gonzaga head coach)

3) Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs player)

4) Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics head coach)

5) Shaka Smart (VCU head coach)

Disgruntled High-Majors

1) Mark Turgeon (Maryland head coach)

2) Frank Martin (South Carolina head coach)


1) Dave Rose (BYU head coach)

2) Rick Byrd (Belmont head coach)

3) Bob McKillop (Davidson head coach)

4) Tommy Amaker (Harvard head coach)

Wild Cards

1) Jeff Battle (Wake Forest assistant coach)

2) Tim Fuller (Missouri assistant coach)

3) Dave Smart (Carleton University head coach... and I swear I was going to say this before this article was released today)

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