A brief look at Wake Forest Football 2013 Schedule

Wake Forest is coming off a bad season last year finishing 5-7. Wake will look to improve this year and ultimately make a bowl. Here, I will analyze Wake's schedule, and predictions. I will also include my personal opinion and predictions on this year's team.


Week 1: Presbyterian

Week 2: at Boston College

Week 3: Louisiana-Monroe

Week 4: at Army

Week 5: at Clemson

Week 6: North Carolina State

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: Maryland

Week 9: at Miami

Week 10: at Syracuse

Week 11: Florida State

Week 12: BYE

Week 13: Duke

Week 14: at Vanderbilt


Week 1

Opponent: Presbyterian

Last Time: 2010: Wake 53 Presbyterian 13

Wake will open the season with a young Presbyterian team, this game shouldn't be too terribly hard to win. It will be interesting to see how much of our offense Grobe decides to reveal this game with our conference opener the next week.

Prediction: Wake 38 Presbyterian 10

Week 2

Opponent: at Boston College

Last Time: 2012: Wake 28 Boston College 14

After a fairly easy opener, Wake will travel to Boston College for a nationally televised game. This will be the first time that Wake fans see our true offense used. Boston College will be a fairly talented team this year with their new coach Steve Addazio. This game will be a way for Wake to showcase their talents to the country or just get embarrassed. It will show if we will be able to actually play on the road.

Prediction: Wake 30 Boston College 24

Week 3

Opponent: Louisiana Monroe

Wake will be coming home after a tough road game hopefully that was a win to face ULM. They are a talented team who beat Arkansas last year. But, in the end, being at home Wake should be able to win this one before a tough road stretch.

Prediction: Wake 34 ULM 13

Week 4

Opponent: at Army

Last Time: Wake 49 Army 37

Wake again will be on the road but this time for back to back road games. Both games will be VERY difficult games to win. Army almost came into BB&T Field last year and showed us up and this time they have home advantage. But, If wake wins at Boston College, they will win this easily. If they lose, this will be a tossup.

Prediction: Wake 23 Army 20

Week 5

Opponent: at Clemson

Last Time: Wake 13 Clemson 42

This will be near impossible to win but don't you dare forget what happened in 2011 when the Old Gold and Black went into Death Valley and whooped some butt then we looked like idiots. But, who knows, maybe we can get revenge of that and go for butt whooping pt 2. and this one has an ending to it.

Prediction: Wake 26 Clemson 38

Week 6

Opponent: North Carolina State

Last Time: Wake 6 NC State 37

This series between these 2 teams lately is basically whoever is at home wins. We haven't won in Raleigh since 2006 and State hasn't won in Winston since 2001. This will be a very good game but Wake will win, with Camp having a huge game and DeAndre running for 120+.

Prediction: Wake 31 NC State 27

Week 7


Week 8

Opponent: Maryland

Last Time: Wake 14 Maryland 19

Last year, Wake was playing good and then fell apart in the end with the game being at Maryland. This time, Wake is at home. This series has produced some great games, from the comeback at BB&T with the Alphonso INT return to the ACC Atlantic Clincher at Maryland. Expect a fast paced, close game.

Prediction: Wake 33 Maryland 28

Week 9

Opponent: at Miami

Last Time: Wake 27 Miami 28

Miami is one of the favorites to win the Coastal along with Virginia Tech. Wake might keep it close for a quarter or two but I just don't see them winning this.

Prediction: Wake 13 Miami 31

Week 10

Opponent: at Syracuse

Last Time: Wake 29 Syracuse 36

Last time they faced each other, it was an overtime thriller but a HUGE letdown for Wake. We dominated the whole game and I expect that again this year.

Prediction: Wake 24 Syracuse 10

Week 11

Opponent: Florida State

Last Time: Wake 0 Florida State 52

First off, for those of you saying this is a no way we win, learn sports son. When is the last time Florida State won at Wake? When is the last time you guys said we are gonna killed at home vs FSU? Remember 2011, OH NO WAY WAKE WINS, then we come out and huge hit after huge hit and one hit almost paralyzed one (No offense intended) Wake will win this huge game with a sold out, black out.

Prediction: Wake 34 Florida State 30

Hate it or Love it.

Week 12


Week 13

Opponent: Duke

Last Time: Wake 27 Duke 34

Expect nothing less of a spectacular game just like the last 5 games.

Prediction: Wake 40 Duke 31

Week 14

Opponent: at Vanderbilt

Last Time: Wake 21 Vanderbilt 55

Wake has always struggled Vanderbilt and probably will again this year.

Prediction: Wake 20 Vanderbilt 38

You might say this is too optimistic, but if you do, you don't know who we have this year, and you haven't seen us at practice, etc.

Wake will win at least 7 games.

Again, these were brief predictions, nothing in-depth. Most of those games were tossups.


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