Blogger So Dear Football Prediction Challenge (Week 5 Questions Up)

Streeter Lecka

The Deacs head to Death Valley to take on No.3 Clemson of week!

We at BSD have been talking about doing this for a while, but this year we are actually going to do it and keep up with it (Scout's Honor). I am of course talking about a season and weekly BSD Prediction Challenge.

Each Monday I will post a few "lines" that readers can bet against to compete with other players. They may range from the usual (O/U score, pick the line), to the obscure (who gets the first carry of the game), and so on.

Most weeks will be 10 questions, but I may do 9 or 11 based on a weird question I want to throw in.

Today I will be posting seasonal predictions too, so for this week there will be two sets of answers that need to be submitted. They can either be posted in the comment section, or can be e-mailed to me at Johnra8 at (to avoid the spambots).

Since I will be at most games I will go back and compile any gameday predictions, and will count them as long as they are timestamped before the scheduled kickoff time. For example: the scheduled Wake Forest-Presbyterian kickoff time is 6:30, so I will take them up to 6:29 and if I am feeling lenient may even take a 6:30 timestamped response.

Try to get them in earlier though so you don't have to worry about it though!

Without further ado, here are the seasonal "prop bets", followed by the weekly prop bets. I will do my best to update these every Monday as I release the next set of them!

Kickoff this week is Saturday at 3:30. I will take anything timestamped before 3:30

Congratulations to DeacInVermont for winning Week 1 of the BSD Challenge.

Week 1- DeacInVermont (9-2)

Week 2- GridIron Deac (via the tiebreaker @ 2-3)***

Week 3- TheAVA

***For the "most reception yards aside from Camp", I meant Wake Forest, but did not stipulate that, therefore everybody that chose Amidon or Williams (everybody but Bart and myself coincidentally enough) got a point. I will be clearer in my questions from here on out.

*If I made any mistakes please let me know so I can correct the scoring*

Sorry for the delay this week. My hard drive broke on my Mac so I've been scrambling with other technology. I will update the standings on Monday for last week and this week.

Clemson Questions (6 this week)

1. Wake or Clemson (-28)

2. O/U yards by Boyd: 249.5

3. O/U punts by Kinal: 8.5

4. O/U catches by Camp: 4.5

5. Leading tackler for Wake

6. First score of the game: Wake or Clemson

Tiebreaker: Total # of points combined

Best of luck and don't hesitate to ask questions if necessary.

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