An ACC Season in Review


The ACC finished up its regular season yesterday, which means that 'tis the season for year-end retrospectives, honorifics, and general media ineptitude.

Here is a quick link to the media's all-ACC team.

And here is a quick link to the all-ACC team as constructed by the BSD panel.

What you will find below, besides a massive wall of text and indecipherable numbers is my take on the all-ACC teams.


******* quzybuk's 2012-2013 All-ACC teams *******


When deciding how to construct all-ACC teams, I'm a bit conflicted. On one hand, there is an argument for a team constructed purely on counting stats: which players play the most and accumulate the most stats are rightly viewed as the best players. However, this does a disservice to players that don't accumulate playing time, whether for seniority reasons or coaching decisions or whatever. How do you account for a player that comes off the bench for 20 minutes a game and generally plays at better rates (higher shooting %, higher rebounding %, etc.) than a player who will play 30 minutes a game but accumulate more raw stats? Ideally, the players getting the most playing time will be the players accumulating the best stat rates and stat totals, but that's not always the case. To make matters even more complicated, how do you factor in one's teammates into the equation? Basketball becomes a lot easier with a competent team (just ask Erick Green).

So here's the deal. I am going to create three sets of teams, each consisting of a first-team, second-team, third-team, defensive team, and freshman team, based on the three separate metrics: raw stats, rate stats, and value stats. I will then assign points for positions on each of these teams (15 for the ACC PoY, 14 for second best, etc. down to 1 for the 15th best player by the given metric). I will then sum these totals to finally create my all-ACC, all-defensive, and all-freshman teams.

For simplicity purposes, I only included players who have logged more than 450 minutes this season, or roughly the equivalent of 15 minutes of playing time per game. If you can't get on the court more than that, either your coach is an idiot (Aaron Rountree III knows what's up) or you needn't bother making an argument for yourself here.

Raw stats will just use the basic win shares metric to rank players. Rate stats will adjust the basic win shares to account for playing time and will be based on a Win Shares per 40 minutes statistic. Value stats will measure a player's basic win share as a percentage of his team's accumulated win shares; this number will include the win shares of players who did not meet the 450 minute cutoff mark. Defensive teams will be calculated using only defensive win shares, adjusted appropriately.

All stats lifted from this wonderful site, which I highly recommend you bookmark.

Got it?


Raw Stats All-ACC Teams

First Team: Mason Plumlee (Duke) - 7.4 (POY); Joe Harris (Virginia) - 6.5; Erick Green (Virginia Tech) - 6.0; Akil Mitchell (Virginia) - 5.9; Reggie Bullock (North Carolina) - 5.5

Second Team: Shane Larkin (Miami) - 5.3; Kenny Kadji (Miami) - 5.1; Daniel Miller (Georgia Tech) - 5.0; Devin Booker (Clemson) - 4.8; Seth Curry (Duke) - 4.7

Third Team: Alex Len (Maryland) - 4.6; (tie) Dez Wells (Maryland) and Richard Howell (NC State) - 4.2; (tie) Quinn Cook (Duke), C.J. Harris (Wake Forest), and C.J. Leslie (NC State) - 3.9

All-Defense Team: (tie) Daniel Miller (Georgia Tech) and Mason Plumlee (Duke) - 3.6 (DPOYs); Akil Mitchell (Virginia) - 3.2; Alex Len (Maryland) - 2.7; James Michael McAdoo (North Carolina) - 2.6

All-Freshman Team: T.J. Warren (NC State) - 3.8 (FOY); Robert Carter (Georgia Tech) - 3.3; Justin Anderson (Virginia) - 3.0; Evan Nolte (Virginia) - 2.9; (tie) Olivier Hanlon (Boston College) and Rasheed Sulaimon (Duke) - 2.8


Rate Stats All-ACC Teams

First Team: Ryan Kelly (Duke) - .280 (POY); Mason Plumlee (Duke) - .275; Joe Harris (Virginia) - .260; Akil Mitchell (Virginia) - .248; Reggie Bullock (North Carolina) - .239

Second Team: P.J. Hairston (North Carolina) - .237; Daniel Miller (Georgia Tech) - .233; Kenny Kadji (Miami) - .230; Alex Len (Maryland) - .223; Kammeon Hosley (Georgia Tech) - .222

Third Team: Julian Gamble (Miami) - .219; Erick Green (Virginia Tech) - .213; Devin Booker (Clemson) - .202; Seth Curry (Duke) - .198; Shane Larkin (Miami) - .195

All-Defense Team: Daniel Miller (Georgia Tech) - .168 (DPOY); Julian Gamble (Miami) - .155; Reggie Johnson (Miami) - .143; K.J. McDaniels (Clemson) - .135; Akil Mitchell (Virginia) - .135

All-Freshman Team: T.J. Warren (NC State) - .188 (FOY); Evan Nolte (Virginia) - .184; Justin Anderson (Virginia) - .167; Robert Carter (Georgia Tech) - .167; Charles Mitchell (Maryland) - .145


Value All-ACC Teams

First Team: Erick Green (Virginia Tech) - 54.55% (POY); C.J. Harris (Wake Forest) - 30.71%; Devin Booker (Clemson) - 27.43%; Mason Plumlee (Duke) - 27.31%; Daniel Miller (Georgia Tech) - 26.74%

Second Team: Okaro White (Florida State) - 25.71%; Travis McKie (Wake Forest) - 25.20%; Joe Harris (Virginia) - 24.81%; Reggie Bullock (North Carolina) - 23.31%; Akil Mitchell (Virginia) - 22.52%

Third Team: Shane Larkin (Miami) - 22.08%; Michael Snaer (Florida State) - 21.43%; Kenny Kadji (Miami) - 21.25%; Alex Len (Maryland) - 20.54%; Olivier Hanlon (Boston College) - 20.44%

All-Defense Team: Mason Plumlee (Duke) - 27.69% (DPOY); Daniel Miller (Georgia Tech) - 25.35%; Richard Howell (NC State) - 23.26%; Devin Thomas (Wake Forest) - 23.08%; Alex Len (Maryland) - 22.88%

All-Freshman Team: Olivier Hanlon (Boston College) - 20.44% (FOY); T.J. Warren (NC State) - 17.92%; Robert Carter (Georgia Tech) - 17.65%; Devin Thomas (Wake Forest) - 15.75%; Devon Bookert (Florida State) - 15.71%


Quzy's All-ACC Teams

First Team (out of 45 possible aggregate points): Mason Plumlee (Duke) - 41 (POY); Joe Harris (Virginia) - 35; Erick Green (Virginia Tech) - 32; Akil Mitchell (Virginia) - 30; Reggie Bullock (North Carolina) - 29

Second Team: Daniel Miller (Georgia Tech) - 29; Devin Booker (Clemson) - 23; Kenny Kadji (Miami) - 20; (tie) C.J. Harris (Wake Forest) and Shane Larkin (Miami) - 16

Third Team: Ryan Kelly (Duke) - 15; Alex Len (Maryland) - 14; (tie) P.J. Hairston (North Carolina) and Okaro White (Florida State) - 10; Travis McKie (Wake Forest) - 9

All-Defense Team (out of 15 possible aggregate points): Daniel Miller (Georgia Tech) - 14 (DPOY); Mason Plumlee (Duke) - 10; (tie) Julian Gamble (Miami) and Akil Mitchell (Virginia) - 4; (tie) Richard Howell (NC State) and Alex Len (Maryland) - 3

All-Freshman Team (out of 15 possible aggregate points): T.J. Warren (NC State) - 14 (FOY); Robert Carter (Georgia Tech) - 9; (tie) Justin Anderson (Virginia), Olivier Hanlon (Boston College), and Evan Nolte (Virginia) - 6


And there you have it. Certain things I'm not sure about (the Daniel Miller love, for instance, seems a bit out of left field), but I think the end results are a bit more representational of all the ACC rather than just focusing on team success.


Also, I would just ask you to once again look at Erick Green's value number, because it is hilarious. You are reading that right - he accounted for more win shares by himself this season than the rest of his team combined.


Please post your thoughts below.

I am aware that the methodology appears to favor bigs (defensive win shares certainly does), which is why I bumped Reggie Bullock over Daniel Miller when the two finished tied for the fifth slot on the First Team. I would love if someone would come up with a way to correct this outside of automatically deducting a fixed value from every big.

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