Bzdelik Hire

I have been reading this blog for a year plus and finally decided to join up. I love the Deacs, but Demon Deacon fans hard hard to find in my neck of the woods despite the fact that I live in NC. I didn't want to create another account and have another user name and password to remember. My love for Wake Basketball got the best of me.

I was afraid to use the subject above because I am sure the response was, "oh, great, not another thread like this." Hopefully it gets read and gets some comments.

Someone posted an article a couple of months or so ago and that article has made the most sense to me of any that I have read. The article suggested that Bzdelik was hired due to knowing that house cleaning was in order and that whoever did it wouldn't be successful or popular. Under those circumstances who do you hire? Hiring someone with the expectation that they will fail is the wrong attitude, which is what I think was done. Hiring someone with potential and giving them the time to do the work and reap the eventual rewards was the choice that should have been made.

Instead, we hire Bzdelik. Wellman hires a friend whose daughter is going to Wake. So Bzdelik has never been popular, his performance at Wake won't hurt that. His daughter goes to Wake so he gets a break on tuition, not that he needs it. He has a terrible record, again, his time at Wake won't make it any worse. Bzzz is old enough that he can retire after this or go coach a high school team as a hobby since he isn't auditioning for his next job. The house cleaning gets done and the foundation gets laid for the future. Wellman can fire him after this year and go for someone with some real potential and he doesn't have all of the garbage of the last three years to deal with.

Some of Wellman's behavior makes a little sense under a scenario like this. He is not publicly bashing his friend, the negative decisions get made, the team is better set up for the future, and when he hires someone else, the fans should be solidly behind them if they have any coaching credentials at all. The problem is Wellman may have waited one year too long or underestimated how the fans would turn against him as he continues to defend Bzzzz.

Not sure if all this is the case, but this is the scenario that has made the most sense to me. Wellman has done a lot of good things for Wake and I find it hard to believe that even he can't see that the status quo is not acceptable.

Go Deacs! Looking good so far against FSU!

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