Naughty or Nice?: The BSD staff share their Christmas wish lists

What we're guessing Santa thinks of Blogger So Dear - Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Happy Holidays from Blogger So Dear! As we get set to hang up our stockings, here are a few things that the BSD staff put on their Christmas lists.

'Tis the season for end-of-year list making, and since we here at Blogger So Dear aren't going to even attempt a 'Best Of' list, we decided to share some of our Holiday desires with you, our dear readers. It's a matter of opinion as to how "naughty" or "nice" we've been, but I'm guessing Santa might be dropping some coal down the chimney this year. I mean, that's the kind of year its been, anyway.

For Rob:

  • An improved 2014 football recruiting class from Santa Clawson
  • A 2014 Master's win for Rory McIlroy.

For Jake:

  • NCAA bid or change in staff
  • Increased production for the #BillMotoGang
  • Dirk to play basketball forever
  • Giants' season to end now
  • No more Wake basketball knee injuries
  • Clone Michael Campanaro
  • Carolina to finish out of ACC basketball top 4

For Riley:

  • A Panthers Super Bowl
  • A Bobcats playoff appearance
  • Lack of futility by the Cubs
  • My Cav-alier Bandwagon to begin (#TyCavIn)
  • I guess an NIT bid but I want a new coach anyway
  • We had an early present with Santa Claws so I content on the football front.
  • A meeting of the minds with Erin Andrews and Samantha Ponder at my apartment. I have some things to "discuss"

For Shayn:

Ohio State lost, so I am ok.

For Griff:

  • Make Jason Kidd the first player-coach since...Bill Russell?
  • Let Lawrence Frank patrol the sidelines while he's on the court.
  • Fans embrace the Deacs with pre-Bzdelik attendance numbers
  • Multiple in-conference road wins
  • Eli Manning learns who is and isn't on his team
  • Jeter turns back the clock 10 years for one more miracle season

For Bart:

  • Bzdelik's termination
  • An improved Panthers secondary
  • The Bobcats to begin tanking
  • Clawson to land two big recruits
  • Bzdelik's termination

For Samurai:

  • A good basketball season, and if not, a new coach.
  • Pipe dream, but a championship for CP3.
  • More sick dunks during ACC season.
  • Success for Coach Clawson in retaining his commits.
  • Finally, a shot for Travis McKie at the next level.

For J.P.

  • For Michael Campanaro to make a lot of NFL money-anywhere but the AFC North
  • A healthy 2014 Steelers team
  • A division title for the Reds
  • A Wake Forest ‘Look-Book' to better identify members of coaching staff
  • Opening Day tickets to the Reds
  • An Over the Pylon T-shirt
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