Men's Soccer: #2 Irish Beat #12 Deacs 3-1

Gonna keep this brief.

This game sucked. For being the #2 team in the country, Notre Dame - outside of a few plays by Harrison Shipp and stellar efforts by the defense and goalie - did not look great. But they took the chances presented to them, which is more than the Deacs could say.

Official WF Sports Recap

Things went batshit near the end of the first half. Notre Dame took advantage of a Wake foul to play a quick restart to play a ball through to Vince Cicciarelli, who chipped goalie Alec Ferrell but was thwarted by Jalen Robinson nipping the ball wide of the post at the last moment. Undeterred, Notre Dame took advantage of a failed Wake clearance on the corner kick as Evan Panken chipped the ball in over Ferrell for the lead.

Wake responded within minutes, as a blatant push in the box yielded a penalty, which Luca Gimenez buried into the side netting (and good thing, since the ND keeper guessed correctly with his dive).

The tie lasted for all of 40 seconds, as in the opening action off the kickoff, Cicciarelli was put through on goal again, thanks to a defensive miscue. Usual reserve Ricky Greensfelder, playing out of position at left back for the injured Chris Duvall, did not step on an offsides trap push, allowing Cicciarelli to easily beat Ferrell for a 2-1 lead.

Wake dominated the early part of the second half, but couldn't hit the broadside of a barn shooting. Notre Dame could, however, so they decided to take the game by the scruff and scored a third in the from Connor Klekota on a 25 yard shot into the upper corner.

Oh yeah, it was also Senior Day and ACC Sportsmanship Week, so senior captain Jared Watts celebrated the event by getting red carded in the 75th minute for... I'm not sure exactly what, but after a corner kick one of the Notre Dame players had to be taken off the field because of bleeding, so something relating to that probably. I'm pretty sure the ref didn't see anything either, because no one in their right mind was watching that part of the field at that moment. He'll miss next Friday's game against Syracuse.

In short, things suck, it was cold, I hate Notre Dame and Notre Dame fans (of which there were a lot), and I hope we play them in the ACC or NCAA Tournament because I thought we played them evenly and could very easily beat them with a couple different bounces of the ball.

Thoughts: Jalen played well, Jacori Hayes continues to impress but was only on for 15 minutes, Ian Harkes and Watts both played fairly poorly after a strong opening 30 minutes, and I hope Watts had to stay until at least midnight in the postgame autograph session as punishment for getting red-carded.

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