Staff Predictions: Presbyterian

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The staff of Blogger So Dear makes their picks for the upcoming Presbyterian game and the season standings are updated for how the guys have fared so far in making predictions against Colgate and VMI.

While I totally forgot to solicit predictions for the VMI game until about three hours before tipoff, I still managed to get a hold of almost everybody on staff to get a pick in for the game. So let's check out what everyone picked for that game and how everyone fared prior to moving on to the Presbyterian picks for tonight's game:

VMI Predictions

Riley: Wake 102-88

Jake: Wake 94-83

Rob: Wake 90-72

Bart: Wake 88-71

Samurai: Wake 84-72

Mundy: Wake 80-66

Shayn: Wake 87-83

Composite BSD Picks: Average - Wake wins 89-76; Median - Wake wins 88-72

KenPom: Wake wins 84-70 (89% chance to win)

Actual Score: Wake 98-71

Through the first two weeks everybody is 2-0. I'm also going to be keeping up with how many points each person has missed each game by over the course of the season to use as a tiebreaker, as well as act as a "point differential" to see who is most clairvoyant on the staff as far as picking games goes.

Here are the rankings through two weeks (record first, then number of total points you have missed the pick by - so for example if someone chose Wake to beat Colgate 84-63 and the actual score was 89-78, then you would have 20 points because you missed Wake's pick by 5 points and Colgate's pick by 15 points):

T-1. Bart (2-0; 30 points)

T-1. Rob (2-0; 30 points)

T-1. Samurai (2-0; 30 points)

4. Riley (2-0; 36 points)

5. Jake (2-0; 43 points)

6. Shayn (2-0; 46 points)

7. Mundy (2-0; 81 points)

Riley and Samurai were closest in the Colgate game, both missing by 15 points while Mundy brought up the rear missing by 58 points (fueled primarily by his pick for a low scoring game). Rob was closest in the VMI game, missing the score by 8 points while Shayn, and Mundy tied for worst missing the score by 23 points.

Let's take a look at the picks for tonight's game against Presbyterian:

Riley: Wake 83-55

Jake: Wake 86-63

Rob: Wake 90-60

Bart: Wake 87-62

Samurai: Wake 80-55

Mundy: Wake 92-60

Shayn: Wake 86-58

Griffin: Wake 85-59

Composite BSD Picks: Average - Wake wins 86-59; Median - Wake wins 86-60

KenPom: Wake wins 81-60 (68 possessions and a 97% chance to win)

Similar to the first couple of games, the staff is unanimous in picking the Deacs to win in convincing fashion. I'll be updating the standings whenever a game is played and we will have predictions for each and every single Wake basketball game this year. Keep checking back to see how the staff fares over the course of the season in picking Wake basketball games.

Tipoff for the game is tonight at 7 P.M. at the Joel. If you're in town I'm sure it's easy to scoop up a couple of tickets and see the Deacons play their third game of the year. For those people out of town or for people who can't make it out, the game will be broadcast on ESPN3. If you have any questions or comments let us know and we will of course address anything that comes across our plates. As always, go Deacs!

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