Isaac Haas Commits to Purdue

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Isaac Haas did not sign his national letter of intent to play basketball for Wake Forest on Wednesday. The entire scenario feels like a Dan Brown novel, but we will do our best to lay out the public facts for you all and update as we find out additional information.

UPDATE: BSD Chatted with Haas' head coach this afternoon. Link HERE

Announcement: Isaac Haas chooses Purdue and will play his college basketball for Matt Painter. He will sign his national letter of intent later today.

Update (Sunday) Haas will announce his college decision tomorrow.

Update (Sunday 9:11 p.m.)

The decision appears to be weighing on Haas and it appears he will decide tonight.

Update (Sunday) From the for what it's worth category, Haas has changed his Twitter background from Wake Forest's logo to his high school's. He also tweeted that he had a great time at UAB and I'll add that UAB defeated Troy 81-69 in the game he attended.

It is critical to note that he did not sign his letter of intent on his visit.

Haas is set to visit today and we will attempt to keep you updated as any additional information comes our way.

Update  (10:56 p.m.) Per Haas' Twitter account, he had more than one visitor at practice today, and will be doing some traveling this weekend:

Update (11/15): It appears that Purdue head coach Matt Painter was in Alabama today to take a look at Haas. Purdue is making a late push to land the big man. BSD has a call in to Haas' head coach, and will update once we receive more information.

UPDATE (5:36 P.M.)

Haas will take an official visit to UAB this weekend  and Wake Forest will visit him in his home on Sunday.

UPDATE (12:56 P.M.) Dan Collins of the Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that Wake Forest has not rescinded its scholarship offer, but Haas is taking time to evaluate his options. Blogger So Dear has a phone call in to Haas' head coach to confirm the information.

UPDATE (11:29 A.M): A reliable source has informed BSD that they spoke with Haas' head coach yesterday, and said the coach would not go on record about anything and was "very protective" of Haas. The source added that apparently Haas is scheduled to take a visit to UAB this weekend. More as the story develops.

A.M. UPDATE (10:00 A.M.) For what it's worth, the author of the article from predicted this morning at around 9:45 that Isaac would be committing to UAB. Link.

On November 12th, the day before national signing day, the mother of Isaac Haas, who is/was our 7' 2" 4-star commit for the class of 2014, announced on her Facebook page that Isaac would be signing his letter of intent at 2 pm (central time) in his high school's gymnasium. She welcomed all family and friends to the event and asked people to support her son. Even around noon yesterday a friend asked her where her son was going and she replied, "He is going to Wake Forest!" 12 hours later, after a lot of 'likes' and comments from friends and family members, Mrs. Haas commented that the signing had been postponed and that more information would follow.

On November 13th (national signing day) at about 1 p.m., his uncle tweeted the following message:

That tweet was also retweeted by Isaac himself.

Isaac Haas has yet to sign his nationally letter of intent, but the the other two verbal commits from the 2014 class (Shelton Mitchell and Rondale Watson) did.

Around 5 pm Nick Johnston, sports writer for the Gadsden Times, tweeted the following:

At 6:30 confirmed Johnston's report in this article. The article focuses a lot on the interest Haas had in UAB over the summer.

At 7:30 Jerry Meyer, director of basketball scouting for 247 sports tweeted the following:

Meyer also notes that two of Haas' AAU teammates are committed ot UAB.

At 9:30 p.m. Kenny Beck, sports reporter for WXII, tweeted the following from a Wake Forest spokesperson:

At 10:00 p.m. an apparent friend of Haas' AAU coach tweeted the following:

That is the latest for now. You can draw your own conclusions and take everything for what it is worth, I just wanted to perform social media forensic analysis and compile publicly available information in a convenient location for our readers. I'm not going to speculate as to what, if anything, has happened or why anything may or may not have happened. Keep tuned into Blogger So Dear. Also, be sure to follow Blogger So DearmyselfBart JohnstonRiley Johnston, and J.P. Mundy for the latest info on this story and all other things related to Wake Forest athletics.

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