Army Black Knights Depth Chart vs. Wake Forest

Sep 15, 2012; West Point, NY, USA; The West Point Corps of Cadets cheers on Army at Michie Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-US PRESSWIRE

Thanks to the internet I have not only successfully found a blogger of which we can hopefully Q and A with later this week, but also have found the newly released Army depth chart for the weekend. If you are interested in learning some stuff about Army football this week then check out this blog by Sal Interdonato.

Some other tidbits I picked up are the following, which the depth chart after the jump will provide context for:

  • Raymond Maples had a no-contact practice this morning
  • Terry Baggett didn't practice and it's looking like he may not play.
  • DE Jarrett Mackey (team captain) practiced on Monday and looks like he will play his first game in over a year after tearing his ACL vs. Northern Illinois last year.
  • There will probably be some changes in the secondary after their performance against NIU last week
Click through the jump for the newly released Army depth chart.

QB: Trent Steelman, Sr.; Angel Santiago, Soph.
FB: Larry Dixon, Soph.; Hayden Tippett, Jr.
RB: Terry Baggett, Soph.; Jared Hassin, Jr.; Jon Crucitti, Jr.
RB: Raymond Maples, Jr.; Jon Crucitti, Jr.; Stephen Fraser, Soph.
WR: Patrick Laird, Jr.; Ejay Tucker, Jr.; Scott Williams, Jr.
WR: Malcolm Brown, Sr. or Chevaughn Lawrence, Soph.; Anthony Stephens, Jr.
LT: Ben Jebb, Sr.; Nick Bennett, Soph.
LG: Frank Allen, Sr.; John Szott, Jr.
C: Ryan Powis, Fr.; Will Wilson, Sr.
RG: Stephen Shumaker, Soph.; Zach Reichert, Jr.
RT: Momo Kime, Jr.; Derek Bisgard, Sr. or Dan Whitaker, Jr.

Quick (DE): Zach Watts, Sr.; James Kelly, Soph.; Colin Linkul, Soph.
DT: Bobby Kough, Soph.; Richard Glover, Soph.
DT: Mike Ugenyi, Soph.; Joe Drummond, Soph.
WHIP (DE/LB): Holt Zalneraitis, Jr.; Kyle Maxwell, Jr.; Derek Sanchez, Soph.
Bandit (LB): Nate Combs, Sr.; Julian Holloway, Soph. or Corey Watts, Jr.
MLB: Geoff Bacon, Soph.; C.J. Shelley, Sr..
Rover: Justin Trimble, Jr.; Thomas Holloway, Jr. or Alex Meier, Fr.
CB: Josh Jackson, Sr.; Chris Carnegie, Fr.
CB: Tyler Dickson, Jr.; Justin Allen, Sr.
SS: Hayden Pierce, Soph.; Lyle Beloney, Jr.
FS: Ty Shrader, Sr.; Brandon Fusilier-Jeffires, Fr.

Special teams
Kickoff: Eric Osteen, Sr.; Dan Grochowski, Fr.
K: Grochowski, Fr.; Osteen, Sr.
P: Chris Boldt, Sr.; Jon Crucitti, Jr.
LS: Frank Ceva, Sr. (punts); Andrew Ellerson, Fr. (field goals/extra points).
H: A.J. Schurr, Fr.; Boldt, Sr.
KR: Crucitti, Jr.; Fraser, Soph.
PR: Jackson, Sr.; Crucitti, Jr.

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