Blogger So Dear ACC Pick'em Week 3

With two weeks under our belt here in the college football season, the ACC has looked pretty good so far. However the first two weeks have not been as kind to some people participating in the BSD Pick'em (mainly me). I managed to follow up a stellar two point performance in week one with a solid 0-fer effort last week in which I accrued -1 points for all my choices, including an ill-advised lock on Temple.

Also I've decided to stipulate that there can be late entries, but you will simply take 0 points for all games you missed. I want to set a deadline of getting a pick in for each game at least 30 minutes before kick off though. I would also prefer people continue to submit all their picks at once though!

Click through for season standings and this week's choices

Week Three Picks

Wake Forest @ Florida State (-26.5)

Virginia Tech (-10.5) @ Pittsburgh

Virginia @ Georgia Tech (-10.5)

Boston College (+4) @ Northwestern

North Carolina @ Louisville (-3.5)

Standings after two weeks (Link here to google spreadsheet, since putting a long table/spreadsheet on here is for whatever reason nearly impossible)

Person Points

Redwing 10

HailtotheDeacons 8

IODeac 8

WakeJake 8

SailorDeac 7

WakeFanatic 7

DeacHawk 6

Deacon2002 6

RAJohnston 6


Partree 6

T.H 6

VADeacs 6

AnonymousDeac 5

Ben S. 5

BobKnightFan 5

DeacDaddy 5

DeacdeTejas 5

DieselDeac 5

Jeff B. 5

Rob R. 5

TigersWood 5

WT901 5

BBDeac 4

Go 4

Jaybone 4

Joey W. 4

MrBojangles 4

09DeaconX 3

Allen B. 3

Bernbp5 3

BudAtWake 3

CPADeac2010 3

Denverpacker 3

DiegoTiger 3

Drew S. 3

DynamiteDeac 3

GSOWakeFan 3

JamesDA 3

LCDeacon 3

Scooter84 3

TheReff 3

YesYesYall 3

MercuryDime 2

Brian F. 1

Hogie 1

Jay K. 1

JDawg 1

RJKarl 1

Ryan P. 1

Steven M. 1

Tau06 1

Wakeforest22890 1

80Deac 0

DeaconJohn 0

TaipaiDeac 0

Email the picks to me at, post them on the appropriate thread (BSD Pick'em) on, or post them in the comment section below and I'll get them included. If you see any mistakes in your score through two weeks send me an email and I'll correct it.

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