What The Deacs Need To Do To Become A "Competitive" Team



Wake Forest is currently 11-11 this year. They have struggled a lot this year. When we beat Nebraska, I thought that this year might not be that bad. Well, I was wrong. Yes, We have improved from last year A TON BUT, We haven't improved enough.

(After The Jump I talk what wake needs to work on to become a competitive team)

Ok, So first off, If we did not have Ty Walker, This would have been the same as last year. He is so good at blocking that he scares the opponent and forces them to shoot behind the arc. Hey he averages 15.2 %Blk. Not too shabby. So i hope that someone in next year's recruiting class if we want to be better than this year. I am hoping that Andre Washington will be the one.

Another thing that we have GOT to improve on is scoring more points. We average 66.3 points per game which is 212th in the nation. THAT IS AWFUL. But one crazy thing is that we scored the most points in our ACC game's so far against Duke. 73 points. Against Duke! Talking about Duke, They average 80.0 points per game. 11th in the nation. That is why they are so good and always blow out teams. Everyone player on their team is a 4 star or 5 star player. UNC averages 84.1 points per game and is 1st in the nation. Pretty good if you ask me. Next year, I see CMM at point, CJ at SG, Moto/Thomas SF, Cavanaugh PF, Washington C or Carson. Yes that is 4 freshman but it all depends how they do in preseason and if they are redshirted which i doubt. Unless Chase Fischer steps up his game and so does Carson and Tony.

What else we gotta do is REBOUNDS! REBOUNDS! REBOUNDS! Jeez toughen up boys. 33.3 Rebounds per game which is 247th in the nation. Worst I have ever seen. Ty should be getting WAY More Offensive rebounds. Defense Too, UNC got every single rebound! They got at least 10 2nd chance shots. Lets take another look at Duke and UNC's is 46.3 RPG which is 1st in the nation and Duke' s is not so good so I am not even going to bother posting it.

The One Thing that I think everyone here at BSD agrees with is that Wake lacks the instinct of going for the throat. They will be in the lead by 20 points and just give it up and let the opposing team cut it to single digits. Look at Duke, They blow out every single non-conference team they play unless they are in Top 10. You know why? They never stop playing. There students are as loud as it is when the game starts till they are winning by 50. They play as hard as they played the whole game. Like against Loyola we were blowing them out then thought we wont the game already and gave up and we almost lost the god dang game! Only won by 12! We need to become a more aggressive team instead of being aggressive for 1st half then giving up in 2nd half. One thing I have ALWAYS noticed at Wake Basketball games is that we will play great in the 1st half then all of the sudden in the beginning of the 2nd half the opposing team goes on a 15-0 run. Like against UNC we looked decent in 1st half then 2nd half we kept with them but then they went on a 12-1 run. We have got to work on our aggressiveness.

The Most important thing we have to fix is that Our star players never shoot enough. CJ only had about 6 shots in the first half in UNC Game. Then somehow he scores 75% of his 18 points in the second half. CJ shot 11 shots in UNC game, 10 shots in Clemson game, 6 shots in FSU game, 12 shots in BC game, and 8 shots in Duke game. I mean CJ is a good enough player to shoot 60-70%. But he doesn't shoot enough. Should shoot at least 20-25 shots a game if you are the team's best player. Travis is better than CJ at taking more shots: 11 shots in UNC game, 14 shots in Clemson Game, 13 shots in FSU game, 18 shots in BC game (Which is what CJ should be doing), 12 shots in Duke Game. If CJ and Travis would shoot more an every game, they would score 25 points each every game. Also, If we could have another player step up and score more than 10 or 15 points a game we would be so much better. I say Chase should be the one. Unless Nikita steps his game up which occasionally he will do but we lose him after this year (Senior). Chase has 7 shots in UNC Game, 7 shots in Clemson Game, 6 shots in FSU game, 7 shots in BC Game, and 4 shots in Duke Game. I mean he is good enough to make at least 50% of his shots and about 60% of 3 pointers if he would shoot more! Nikita has scored 13 points which is the most so far in an ACC game which was against FSU. SHOOT MORE GUYS!

Comments Appreciated!

Also, I will include my prediction for Our Record for season.

I say we finish 14-16, 15-15 if we are lucky and 6-10 in ACC Play. If CJ steps up his game!

-Go Deacs!

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