Blogger So Dear ACC pick'em week 6

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Most people in the contest were successful in their "lock" picks from week 5, meaning those who were not fell a bit behind. Everyone but our very own Rob R. incorrectly took FSU to cover.

Eight people received four of a possible six points in Week 5 and HailtotheDeacons of OGBoards fame took over sole possession of first place with 18 points. With 5 weeks in the books this means that he has received 18 of 30 points on the year, not a bad percentage.

In the event that there is a tie at the end of the year, the tiebreaker will be best pick percentage (with locks only counting as one point). This week features another interesting slate of five games, headlined by the Virginia Tech-UNC battle taking place at Kenan. The most intriguing pick of the week in my opinion is Virginia traveling to Duke where the Devils are favored by a point. I'd be interested to see how many conference games over the past decade that Duke has been favored. It cannot possibly be too many.

This week's picks:

Wake Forest @ Maryland (-5)
Georgia Tech @ Clemson (-10)
Florida State @ N.C. State (+14.5)
Virginia Tech @ UNC (-4)
Virginia @ Duke (-1)

My Picks



N.C. State (Lock)

Virginia Tech


As always just post your picks on here or email them to me at The standings are posted below and there is a link to the google doc which is more friendly for browsing purposes. If I missed your pick from last week or you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Season Standings (Google Docs Link)

Place Person Points

1 HailtotheDeacons 18

2 Partree 17

3 BobKnightFan 15

4 DeacDaddy 15

5 Redwing 15

6 DeacHawk 14

7 Deacon2002 14

8 DieselDeac 14

9 Ben S. 12

10 Denverpacker 12

11 ONW 12

12 SailorDeac 12

13 VADeacs 12

14 WakeFanatic 12

15 WT901 12

16 BudAtWake 11

17 Doofus 11

18 IODeac 11

19 TITSWF 11

20 Brian F. 10

21 DiegoTiger 10

22 Jaybone 10

23 Rob R. 10

24 T.H 10

25 09DeaconX 9

26 JamesDA 9

27 AnonymousDeac 8

28 Bernbp5 8

29 Drew S. 8

30 LCDeacon 8

31 RJKarl 8

32 Tau06 8

33 Wakeforest22890 8

34 BBDeac 7

35 JDawg 6

36 MercuryDime 6

37 DeacdeTejas 5

38 Hogie 5

39 Jeff B. 5

40 MrBojangles 5

41 TigersWood 5

42 Allen B. 4

43 Go 4

44 Joey W. 4

45 Scooter84 4

46 Brian L. 3

47 CPADeac2010 3

48 DynamiteDeac 3

49 GSOWakeFan 3

50 TheReff 3

51 YesYesYall 3

52 Ryan P. 1

53 Steven M. 1

54 80Deac 0

55 DeaconJohn 0

56 TaipaiDeac 0

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