WFU vs FSU Game Preview

Wake will try to pull off an inter-conference upset against the flaming hot Seminoles of Florida State. Florida State is coming off a win at Cameron against Duke. FSU has also beaten UNC this year (BADLY 91-67 i think). This may be one of the toughest games of the year! Would be simply amazing if wake could pull it off. Wake is coming off a win at a very young Boston College team. They tarted 4 freshmen.

After the Jump I talk keys to the game, and predictions

Ok so, in my opinion, Wake is a decent 3 point shooting team. But, FSU is better. Doulky's will most likely be on fire from behind the arc against us and I can't wait to see how Ty Walker will match up with FSU's big men. I think one of them is Bernard James. He is stronger than Ty but can't block as much as Ty. ;)

Wake Forest's Keys to the game

1. Wake MUST be solid from behind the arc

FSU is a great 3 point shooting team and wake will have to stay with them and keep it even to have a chance

2. Stay solid with Free Throws

Wake has done very well this year on Free throws and needs to keep it up this game. Can't slack off. Need every point we can get.

3. Ty needs to dominate inside

Ty walker absolutely dominated boston college inside last game. If he can do that again this game, we have a chance. Needs to block everything that he can, and score inside.

Florida State's Keys to the game

1. Needs to shut down CJ and Mckie

CJ harris and travis mckie have been the leaders of the team this year. If FSU can find a way to limit open shots then Wake will have to have Chase Fischer be solid.

2. Get doulky open shots

Doulky's is great when he has open shots. Rarely misses, If he can get open shots and good screens my his teammates i wouldn't be surprised if he got 20-30 points.

3. Don't let Ty Walker Block shots

If Ty Walker is under the basket and so are you, You are going to be STUFFED most likely. FSU needs to shot fake and get him up in the air so they have easy layups.

Prediction Time!!!!

If Wake can get CJ open shots and Travis open shots, I see Wake hanging in there until the final few minutes.

Wake will need to make at least 75% of their free throws. But, this game will be very tough. We need a packed house and packed student section. Haven't had one all dang year!!!!! FSU might come in a little flat footed.

Prediction- Wake 76 FSU 73

If wake can't get open, then its a blowout...

Its either going to be a blowout FSU win, or a close wake win.

-Go deacs!

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